Friday, June 03, 2005

Still in Upstate New York

It's a beautiful sunny day here in upstate New York with temps in the mid to upper 70s. My room overlooks the Genesee River, which sounds appealing, but the dirty water has a constant flow of obscure debris moving along a swift current lessening the effect. The Genesee makes the Willamette (the downtown Portland stretch) look like the Gulf of Mexico.

The team trained this morning at 10:30, working out for about 45 minutes. The highlight came when we first arrived at the practice facility. A landscaping crew had gotten its front loader Bobcat stuck in a sea of bark dust and about six players (in full practice gear) took it upon themselves to push the thing out. Team athletic trainer Tony Guyette had a look of horror on his face while the good deed was in progress, but everyone made it through without injury. The driver, a New Yorker who made it clear he didn't think much of soccer in the overall sports spectrum, was grateful and just shook his head muttering "G-- d--m soccer team" which got plenty of laughs from the boys.

I just had my third salad in as many meals, dating back to yesterday. This one - with fried chicken - was by far the best of the leafy trio. Subconsciously, I've probably been inspired by the hefty fella on yesterday's flight into Rochester. The team is now in preparation mode, eating and sleeping before our 5:45 departure for Frontier Field.

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