Thursday, June 02, 2005

Clarion Hotel in Rochester

The dude next to me never did touch his salad. Maybe he wanted to bring it home to his family as some kind of evidence that he knew what vegetables were. We arrived, safe and sound. As is typical the night before a match, everyone is laying low, relaxing and recovering from the early wake-up and day-long travel. Training is set for 10 a.m. and after that we will know the status of a couple of banged up players, which could impact the type of system Bobby decides to implement against the Rhinos. There was a baseball game tonight at the field, so we won't know until the morning whether or not training at the pitch will be an option. The best I can figure, only Benny, Gavin and Winters have played here before as members of the Timbers, a 1-0 OT loss on Aug. 5, 2001. I won the post-match bowling competition that night between Benny, Gavin, Matt Napoleon and myself, holding off a late charge by Gavin - a very unorthodox bowler - to take the title.

For those TA members in our midst, I received cyber-word tonight that Finnegan is among us in Rochester and will be at the match tomorrow as well as Sunday in Toronto. I'm planning on having him on at halftime if he can make it past security and into the press box.

Until tomorrow...

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