Friday, June 03, 2005

Rochester Rumblings

Day 2 of this wild journey is about to come to a close and the result of Match 1 was not good: 3-1 Rochester. The 16-match unbeaten streak (regular season) is and was history. The silver lining is that the Timbers got down by three goals early and didn't pack up and leave. They made sure the Rhinos stayed off the scoreboard for the final 56-plus minutes, while tallying a goal of their own. Better days lie ahead, but the streak had to end sometime, so why not on the road against a quality foe?

This blog thing - my first, if you've yet to read the earlier installments - is starting to encompass all of my down time. I find myself constantly thinking about how to spice it up, provide inside information, etc., without breaking the No. 1 rule of professional sports travel. You know, what happens in Vegas... But seriously, this group is solid with enough veterans to police any problematic behavior. Anyway, back to my original thought, I'm not reading or playing my guitar nearly as much as I normally do on the road, thanks to my newfound WI-FI abilities and blogging duties. The price of cyber-pseudo-fame is steep.

Everyone I've talked to, including Gavin and Benny, who I dined with tonight, is disappointed with tonight's result, but have already gotten past it. If I was a gambling man, I'd bet big money on Paul Conway making his Timbers' debut in Toronto, and maybe a return to the 4-4-2. We shall see. On the way up North, we are stopping at Niagara Falls to stretch and see the sights. Heinzen was disappointed to find out they don't rent barrels, and going over the Falls in any kind of vessel is discouraged.

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