Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Chicago O'Hare

No postgame entry from last night. The match against P.R. - a 2-0 defeat - was hardly worth rehashing. Considering it was the third game in as many countries (okay Puerto Rico is practically the 51st state, but it has its own Olympic team and Ms. Universe contestant, so I'm granting them at least partial country status) over a four-day period, it was hardly a shocker. To give you perspective on how twisted and medieval this scheduling is, Aaran Lines, a 10-year pro, had never played back-to-back games in his life (let alone three in four days) before this trip and suffered a nasty shoulder injury for his efforts last night. All told, the Timbers garnered three points from this trip and actually moved up a spot in the standings to third, so no one among us is ready to push the panic button just yet.

The main excitement and entertainment yesterday took place prematch, when we all became extras in the latest installment of the Speed movie series, minus Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. Our blue tuned-out school bus weaved its way through rush hour traffic with a police escort, driving in the breakdown lane, cutting off fellow motorists and nearly running over one of the Motorcycle cops in the process. It was awesome.

Much to my dismay, the blog's resident Cheerleading expert, Sam Reynolds, was in the locker room during the Islanders' dance team routine last night, so they will have to remain unranked. It's too bad, as I think they had a real shot at unseating the Rhinettes at the top of the table.

We are in the midst of an airport delay in Chicago, extending what was already scheduled to be a 12-hour travel stretch. Needless to say, the boys are looking forward to an off day tomorrow before resuming the road show on Thursday with a bus trip to Vancouver, B.C. I just polished off my 138th and final salad of the trip. I feel just like I did at the end of the Portland Marathon a few years back: I did it, and have no desire to ever do it again.

The big news bubbling out from PGE Park's executive wing is that this blog has been picked up for a second edition, starting on Thursday. As it's primary author, I think it needs a snappier name. Suggestions can be sent to Collin Romer or myself, and if your proposed moniker is chosen you'll win a cocktail napkin from earl's Restaurant in Burnaby, autographed by the Timbers.

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