Saturday, June 04, 2005

Niagara Falls, Ontario

We just completed a two-hour stop on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. Evidently, this place is some kind of tourist attraction, complete with a wax museum, the Guinness Book of World Records exhibit (the giant Guinness sign got Finnegan and I excited for a split second until we realized exactly what it was), a casino, endless shops selling My Parents Went to Niagara Falls and All I Got was this Dumb T-Shirt t-shirts, and clowns making balloons. Definitely a very bizarre combination of natural beauty and cheezy glitz. Speaking of cheese, Aaron Heinzen had the cheesiest plate of chicken pasta I've ever seen at lunch. I went with - you guessed it - salad No. 5 in as many meals (augmented with some soup). I'm fairly certain I don't have OCD, but it's starting to provide me with a twisted form of amusement for myself on this long, strange trip. The bus is silent now as we roll on to Toronto, with everyone in game face mode and/or resting. I better fire up the iPod with some early Police to get myself ready for the radio broadcast. Nothing like a little Reggetta De Blanc to loosen up the vocal chords.

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