Friday, June 10, 2005

Fancy a jube?

With a full morning and afternoon in Vancouver, prior to tonight's match, the non-playing crew made the most of the downtime with another trip into downtown. Collin, JT, Aaran and I took the Skytrain in and expanded our dining horizons by visting a different earls (on Robson) for lunch. As you can probably tell by now, we can't get enough of this place when north of the border. From earls, we loaded up at Starbucks for a walk to Stanley Park, an impressive, sprawling park with lots of trails and paths that wind down to the water. Aaran befriended a chipmunk, an animal not found in his native New Zealand, and also provided the title of this post by offering each us some of his chewy candies in Kiwi speak.

We are about an hour away from departing for Swangard Stadium, the site of many past disappointments for the Boys in Green. Collin and I both have the feeling that Byron is going to break out against the 'Caps. Tune in to find out...

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