Saturday, June 04, 2005

Shell Snack Shack, Toronto

Three points in the bank! The boys responded tonight with a big 1-0 victory over the winless Toronto Lynx. Just what the doctor ordered after opening the trip with a loss last night. Pizzas have been consumed by most of the squad and we're making a pit stop for hydration on the three-hour (or so) tour back to Rochester. It was a dominating performance, for the most part, despite the accusation by a guy in the press box that we had our "12th man on the field tonight... the official." Had I not been on the air, I would have told him that I didn't realize we were playing a swim team, with all the diving that was going on out there (budumpum).

On behalf of Dizzy, apologies to the FCC for some of the comments picked up by the effects mic tonight. If someone had randomly stumbled on the broadcast at one point, they may have thought they were listening to the Howard Stern show. While it would be flattering to find out Michael Powell listens to the Timbers on the net, I highly doubt he's a soccer fan.

The Toronto cheerleaders were not old enough to be included in Sam's Rankings (read the 11:49 a.m. entry for reference). With Michael Jackson's current legal woes all over the news, Sam quickly backtracked after briefly ranking them ahead of Minnesota.

Grabbed a diet cola and a granola bar (closest thing I could find to a salad at a gas station) at the Shell Snack Shack.

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