Saturday, June 04, 2005

I-585, somewhere between Rochester and Buffalo

We are on the road to Toronto for the second game of this four-match trip from the fiery underworld, currently 36 miles from Niagara Falls. Finnegan from the Timbers Army is with us for the ride, and we've been rehashing last night's debacle for the first few miles of this leg. Everyone pretty much has the same take on what happened, which hopefully will translate into a different start to tonight's match against the Lynx, who drew with Montreal, 0-0, last night. The added pressure on the Timbers is the fact that Toronto has yet to win a match this season and no one wants to be the first to fall against them. Finnegan, rookie goalkeeper Sam Reynolds and I were discussing Josh Saunders' play in goal last night, and we were in agreement that his performance could not be faulted despite the result. Sam also noted that Rochester's cheerleaders - The Rhinettes - out performed the cheerleaders from Minnesota that we witnessed earlier in the year. Should this blog continue throughout the rest of the season, I'll ask Sam to provide updates on his rankings.

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