Monday, June 06, 2005

Postallnet Internet Cafe, San Juan

My online withdrawal is over! After wandering for a half mile or so, I stumbled upon an "internet cafe" that is basically like a UPS Store with a couple tables and an espresso machine. After battling with the broadband modem at the hotel for too long, I'll take it. It's an overcast day here in San Juan, but the temperature is a tropical 80 degrees or so. This morning the squad went for a walk on the beach to stretch out, and a few of the boys waded into the warm waters for some brief body surfing, making me wish I hadn't worn cargo shorts. It took some work, but we talked most of the foreign guys into wearing their training shorts instead of speedos. The pace here is even slower than the West Coast, which takes some getting used to. That holds true for walking and restaurant service, but not for driving for some reason. San Juan is different than I expected - lots of luxury cars and clean streets for the most part. I guess I expected more of a third world feel.

The atmosphere among the team is pretty relaxed. The win at Toronto definitely took some pressure off and re-energized everyone. No one is taking the Islanders lightly, but the general consensus is that Friday's match at Vancouver is the more important of the two remaining on this trip.

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