Sunday, September 09, 2007

Well, that sucked...

...not neccessarily the match, mind you, though that wasn't great either.

Let me extend apologies to all of you who tried to listen tonight. We just couldn't stay on for more than 15 minutes at a time, due to an internet connection that kept dying. This was through no fault of the Whitecaps; they were all spectacuarly accomodating and sympathetic. The Internet there is apparantly run by the city of Burnaby, and they always have problems. But, I can assure you that I'm working RIGHT NOW to make sure we have uninteruppted coverage of the first leg playoff match on Friday. Andy Mac will be there, as will Aaron Heinzen. I'm hoping to be there to add in live interviews from the field, but that depends on our technical situation. Either way, our Toyota pregame show will start Friday at a special time of 6:30, so you'll get half an hour of interviews and analysis before the Timbers start their playoff run.

More to come during the week. One funny story to share with you from the road: I drove up with Aaron Heinzen today, who's a big Seahawks fan. We listened to the first half of the game on the drive up, but never heard a final. So, sitting in line at the border on the way back, we saw two guys heading back to Canada wearing Seahawk jerseys. So, Aaron rolls down his window and yells across the 50 yard gap to get a result. 20-6 Seattle, they yell back. Lots of confused onlookers. Gotta love the bond of sports fans. And Go Broncos.


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