Friday, September 14, 2007

Heading Home

Game 1 of my triumvirate didn't go exactly as I had hoped. The Timbers fell 1-0 in Vancouver, succumbing to a messy 76th minute goal that knocked off several bodies before it was finally stuffed home on a two-footed slide by Jason Jordan. The good news is the match is essentially at halftime with the second half coming up in Portland on Sunday.

Adding to the misery was my Red Sox blowing a five-run lead to the Yankees in the 8th! Not a good sports night for yours truly.

The Timbers are upbeat and the bus ride back to the States doesn't have the typical pall of the 12 prior losses up here. The team nearly pulled off its objective and still feels in control.

The ride will still be long. I came prepared with a pillow and blanket, and will attempt to catch some pseudo sleep before completing the journey by car to Eugene. Now if I can convince my wife to prevent our two girls from jumping on me until at least 10 a.m. or so, I should be recharged enough to take on duties at the Oregon/Fresno State game.

It looks like our driver has directions for the return trip - something he did not have coming up to B.C. He only seemed to know that he was supposed to drive us to Canada and once here, we drove more than an hour out of the way.

If this is the last post of the night/morning, you'll know things either went smoothly or the bus blew up.

Cheers, eh!

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DianeR said...

See, braille driver or not, Vern always got you there...