Friday, September 07, 2007

Checking in from the road...

It's not a Timbers' trip, but as I'm taking to the road on a sports-related jaunt, I may as well check in. This is Andy, in case you were wondering - not professional blogger John Strong.

Today's travel takes the other half of the ATTR to Ann Arbor, Michigan, where the American footballer Oregon Ducks will battle Appalachian State's whipping boys, the Michigan Wolverines. It was a charter flight from Eugene to Detroit, which took less than four hours, or less than half the time of a typical PTFC roadie to Minnesota!

I realized this morning, before the flight that I actually lived in Ann Arbor for about a year when I was around 3 or 4. My most vivid memories of that time was watching home movies with grandparents and great grandparents visiting, and always finishing last when the preschool teachers made my class run outside. Riveting stuff here, I know. Just thinking out loud.

By all accounts, the afore mentioned JS is a good luck charm for the Boys in Green. Nice work JS - on the broadcast and as a human rabbit's foot. And the blog! It's never been better. After visiting Earl's tomorrow in Vancouver, John, you will truly be complete as member of the team. And you will start looking for work in British Columbia to relocate there permanently!

Should there be any items of interest during this 27-hour round-trip to the eastern time zone, I'll attempt to pass them along.


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