Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oh, the A-T-L

How I miss the A-T-L... Not really, but there are worse road stops around the USL and the lodging at the Silverback Holiday Inn isn't too shabby. You can go ahead and eat in there John, the food isn't bad. But for lunch, I'd recommend the grocery store across the median. The deli makes top notch sandwiches for a fraction of USL per diem.

John's vantage point will likely be to the right of his third photo. A quality seat to watch Wicks make saves on Antoniuk for a half, and to see the Timbers look to score in the other. When play is at the opposite end, however, it gets tricky.

I'll never understand how anyone could build a new stadium for any sport without planning for some semblance of a press box. I guess Atlanta just became so used to zero press that it didn't even cross their minds to have a spot for media.

I hope to catch the end of the match as I'll be airborne for the entire first half on a charter flight from Eugene to San Jose. Satellite TV, steaks and Dove Bars is how I roll. Needless to say, it will leave your MD-80 and Boeing 737 in the dust. If ESPN only had USL-1 scores on their ticker, I'd be all set.

JT and Griffin definitely got the shaft, but I'd wager that a continued Timbers' run through the postseason will make that a moot point.


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