Thursday, September 13, 2007

Football Times Three

I-5N Mile 122 -- And so it begins. My wild weekend of three "football" games in three days across two countries. Sure, it's just Canada's province of British Columbia - not exactly a transatlantic voyage from Eugene, Ore. - but it sounds more "extreme" that way and the kids these days are all about X-Games' vernacular.

Friday, I'll be calling the United Soccer Leagues (not a typo - no apostrophe) First Division quarterfinal playoff match between the Portland Timbers and Vancouver Whitecaps. Following the match, it's back down the I-5 via motor coach to Portland, where I'll jump in my car at approx. 4:30 a.m. and drive to Eugene to work at Saturday's college football game between the University of Oregon and Fresno State. On Sunday, back up to P-Town for Game 2 of Timbers vs. 'Caps.

Why, you ask? Super-Fan? Masochist? Can't get enough travel by bus? I've been wrestling with this question myself. Obviously, my loyalty to the Timbers after six years hasn't wavered, and while it's a tad bit inconvenient to leave my full-time job in the 48-hours leading up to a big home football game, it's not as if I don't already work far too many hours for a salary bordering on laughable (that's my choice, I know). I guess the bottom line is its postseason play for one team and the chance at a 3-0 start with a better future Bowl game with each passing victory for the other.

Plus, 38 is the new 28, which should give me enough energy to pull it off without pulling a hammy or cerebellum in the process.

Our travel today is in an MTR bus, the same G-Ride UO teams use on the west coast and a huge improvement over past companies the Timbers' have dealt with in the past. Faux leather, flat screen monitors, and so far a driver who doesn't drive by brail.

Assuming we make it past the border patrol without incident, we should be sitting comfortably at Earl's in Burnaby by Happy Hour.


nborders said...

Hang in there buddy. You are the best announcer in the USL hands down. We appreciate your hard work, especially on weekends like this. Drop by the Bullpen after Sunday's game and we'll buy a round for ya!


DianeR said...

Andy, you are the man! Those of us who can't make the trip appreciate your sacrifice. Say hey to Aaron for me and I'll be listening.

Anonymous said...

Fine work, sir! I'll be making the Friday and Sunday match, but you've got me beat with a Saturday match too. I guess that's the difference between 37 and 38. As I grow and mature, I'll have that kind of stamina.
Great work on the game broadcasts. It's always nice to hear your reports from the away matches.