Saturday, September 01, 2007


First, the match is actually going to start closer to 7:45 eastern, pushed back for some pregame awards and such. As a result, our Toyota pregame show will start at 4:20 pacific time, instead of 4:15.

Second, I won't take you through the madness I just went through to get everything working, but the short version is it took 15 minutes, involved a ground loop of some type, a nasty hum, and a solution that I don't understand, but that I also don't question.

Here are the starters for Portland: Wicks; J Thompson, Griffin, Knowles, S Thompson; Poltl, Olum, Kreamalmeyer, Hague; Bagley, M Taylor. Bench: Elfvin, Lara, Morrison, Ambriz, Jordan, Ready, T Taylor.

All of the area football teams were at home today (Duke, UNC, NC State), so they're not expecting a huge crowd, but there still seem like plenty of people here already.

See you in....12 minutes.


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