Friday, September 14, 2007

Playoff Beard

Since NHL training camps are starting up - big news here in the Great White North, obviously - I got to thinking about playoff beards. For those who don't know, hockey players traditionally go sans bic from the start of the postseason until their teams get eliminated or win the Stanley Cup.

The Timbers' playoff quest begins tonight. In Canada of all places. Thus let the playoff beards (and fragmented sentences) commence!

Timbers' PR man Marc Kostic is on board. I'm not entirely sure if Timber Brad Nicholson shaves yet, so technically that puts him in as well. As for the players, Matt Taylor is looking pretty scruffy, but that's nothing new. Could be a playoff beard or just an oversight on his part, so I'll have to ask him.

Prematch today is business as usual. This team is very workmanlike on game day, so nothing really to report until we arrive at Swangard Stadium. Our pregame show will begin around 6:25 tonight - lots of interviews, etc. - so be sure to tune in early.


P.S. Earl's didn't disappoint last night.

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Jakarta said...

Give the boys our best! There will be many crowds huddled around laptops and computers tonight!