Thursday, June 12, 2008

Time to Clense

It's been a good five days since the beatdown in B.C., so I feel able to blog about it with a clear head. The final score was certainly not entirely indicative of how it went down, but Vancouver's second-half performance was slightly better than Portland's first half, and at home that's good enough for a victory almost every time.

About that first 45 minutes. Portland really came out with purpose - something that has been lacking a bit at the start of matches this season. It was great to see a goal produced by a player (Scot Thompson) other than the usual suspects. But the second half was all Whitecaps, sparked by notorious Timber killers Jason Jordan and Alfredo Valente. Bottom line, the 'Caps made adjustments and Portland failed to.

Match Musings - Game 13

  • Swangard Stadium isn't the nicest USL-1 facility, but it's still the coolest setting in the league.
  • I'd bet money Martin Nash lists his last two goals against Portland in his all-time top five strikes. Retire already and join Stevie's entourage will you?
  • Burnaby, B.C. boasts the most expensive Subway restaurant in North America and don't even try to ask for pepperjack cheese.
With fear of stating the obvious, tonight's match against Atlanta is crucial. The Ax Men have got to secure three points on their home turf and break the seal covering the goals at PGE Park. It's been since April since a biscuit has been deposited in a home basket.

Oh, and as far as that U.S. Open Cup game against Hollywood United goes? I have no idea what you're talking about.


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