Friday, June 27, 2008

BJ back on board

The Timbers' attack got a big boost today with the addition of Brian Jordan, who is now officially on loan to the Boys in Green. Jordan joined the club last night, flying in from L.A. in time for tonight's Fox Soccer Channel match against Carolina.

Portland is due for an offensive surge as it is, so BJ back should only hasten that.

Ray Burse is due in today, which completes the travel party for this trip. (GK Burse, James; D S. Thompson, Knowles, J. Thompson, Karalexis; M Dombrowski, Gregor, Guante, Higgins, Lara, Little, Olum; F Jordan, Bagley, Taka, Brown

It's a steamy, sun-drenched day here in Durham, N.C. Hopefully the 8 p.m. ET start time will make the weather less of a factor for the visitors. This is a huge match from a standings standpoint, but also because how much can honestly be expected of the squad tomorrow in Atlanta?

The per diem experiment is still in full swing. Today's breakfast at the hotel, thought to be complimentary, turned out to be $12.61. Lunch - a stop at the grocery story - was $12.04, making Friday's total $24.65 thus far. That leaves $45.85 for the rest of the trip.

Until tonight. Cheers-


Lucas said...

I thought Gregor had been ruled out of this weekend's game with injury? Is he with the squad just for moral support, or is there a chance he'll play?

Zachary said...

and why not carry the full 18? especially with Scot out tonight.

Anonymous said...

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