Thursday, June 05, 2008

Rochester Recap

Ugh. Sunday's match against Rochester was just one of those days. Nobody wants to be the first team to lose to a winless squad, but in this league it was inevitable that the Rhinos would finally break through at some point. The loss kind of took the luster off of the win in Montreal, which is funny because had the trip played out the other way around (lose first to Rochester, then win at Montreal), everyone would be fairly upbeat and content with a road split.

The Timbers really don't have an excuse for this one. Their first 11 should have been able to get the job done against a reeling and banged up Rhinos team. But that's why the games are played on the field and not on the chalkboard.

It's only 11 games into 30 and already each match feels like its taking on an even more significant role in how the season will ultimately play out. At this rate, Gavin Wilkinson hair may turn from ginger to grey before the end of August. Next up, Minnesota at home. Just another run of the mill must-win in the 2008 USL First Division!

Match Musings - Game 11
  • Defender Justin Thompson nearly had three goals in the match when you consider he put a header just over the bar and had a goal called back on a somewhat late offside flag against Taka Suzuki in the first half.
  • There is a reason the song is called "Green is the Color" and not "Red is the Color". The alternate kits looked sharp, but it seemed like they must haved weighed more than the normal strip.
  • The new Rhinos (different ownership, no longer "Raging") didn't blare music the entire match like their predecessors, which was refreshing.
  • Saw a trio of Timbers Army folk at Paetec Park. Well done.

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