Thursday, June 26, 2008

Holding Pattern

We arrived on time here in Atlanta, but our flight to Raleigh/Durham - originally scheduled to depart at 9:21 ET has been pushed back to 11 p.m. So, what was already a two-hour layover will likely be four.

I can't complain too much, as this is the first real flight delay we've had this season. And it's not as if we were planning on partying on Tobacco Road tonight anyway. Tomorrow night is when the real fun starts. That's the 400-plus mile motor coach ride back here to Atlanta in a driving thunder storm.

The travel squad consists of the usual suspects, minus Tommy Poltl who has to sit out the next three games due to the red card he was issued against Atlanta at PGE Park two weeks back. Tommy will be missed. Lawrence Olum is back in the fold, which could prove beneficial for this rare back-to-back two-match set.

My personal goal for this trip is to survive solely on minor league per diem. This is in no way a slam at the Timbers organization as I completely understand the budget constraints the club is under and I'm sure most other USL-1 teams are in the same boat. But it's laughable to think you can survive out on the road, primarily in airports and hotels, on $30 per day. The total amount for this trip is $85, which I assume breaks down as $20, $30, $30 and $5 since we left today at 11:21 and return to PDX at 12-ish on Sunday.

This will not be an easy task, but these trips have essentially become a financial wash after gas, parking and meal expenses are factored in. I packed some food for the flight out here to get off on the right foot. Dinner here at the Hartsfield Airport - a fajita chicken salad and iced tea - cost $14.50 with tip, leaving $70.50 for the rest of the journey. Gavin bought me a coffee, saving at least $3, which puts me in decent shape heading into Friday.

Chirs Bagley would like me to pass along that his night has been excellent thus far (edited for viewing by all audiences).

While dated, here are the much delayed match musings from the last match.

Match Musings - Game 14
  • Just an incredible overall effort by the shorthanded Ax Men.
  • Poltl's red card was understandable, but Scott Thompson's ejection was a joke, costing the Timbers two points.
  • I could get used to TV duty. The FSN crew is top notch.

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Cap Ap said...

"Chirs Bagley would like me to pass along that his night has been excellent thus far (edited for viewing by all audiences)."

Boo! C'mon, Andy, you can tell us what Bags has been getting in to!