Friday, June 06, 2008

Back on point

Seems like old times.

The team motorcoach for the trip up I-5 is being driven by none other than Vern and his magic vest, it's raining and a mindless, crude comedy is playing on the DVD player (although not Van Wilder - very disappointing). In addition, former trainer and my former roomie Tony Guyette is on the trip in a cameo role. When we dine at Earls' tonight, it will truly feel like old times.

About last night. Not the best result by any stretch, but the chances Portland created in the second half were legit and if that keeps happening going forward, the goals will come. Minnesota, who I felt may have been a fluke side with their early success in 2008, is actually a decent team. Not great, but last night's draw felt better than the trio of ties the two teams played to in 2007.

Taka looked back on form, and should have had at least one assist if not more. Bryan Jordan occupied the team's top defender for the entire night and Jordan James made two game-saving stops in just his second start between the posts. All and all, an entertaining if not entirely fruitful match for the second-place (tie) Timbers.

Match Musings - Game 12
  • What's so wrong with a toe poke? For some reason, skilled soccer players always have to use their laces when shooting the ball when a simple toe poke could do the trick. Take Miguel Guante's miss of an apparent sitter in the second half, for instance. A D-League coed player scores that goal with a toe poke (or at least forces a save out of the 'keeper), but a pro fires it high over the crossbar and into the crowd from inside of 10 yards. To be fair to Guante, he appeared to slip on a field turf cutout, causing him to fall backward as he struck the ball. But I still think a toe poke leads to three points in that case. When goals are nearly impossible to come by, you need to try anything right?
  • The insertion of Shaun Higgins midway through the second half changed the match for the Timbers' benefit. Despite the O.C. lad's poor taste in feature films, he has been invaluable to the team so far in 2008 and that wasn't more evident than in last night's affair.
  • It's June, where is the freakin' sun? Maybe the reason the Timbers only score on the road these days is the fact that those games are played in temperatures above 60 degrees and often with this warm and glowing yellow/orange orb shining down from the sky. Seriously, I'm done with Oregon's eternal spring and I actually have ability to leave the state on multiple occassions during the drab months. I can't imagine what it must be like for the poor saps that are stuck here for the whole time. I know, I know, the second half of the year makes up for it, but things better turn around soon.

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Joel said...

Is BJ on that bus with you ??? please update us in your next blog :)

Read your blog every roadtrip and I just want to thank you for keeping us in the loop!