Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sagare Back in the USL

Former Timber Jake Sagare is back in the USL after a year hiatus. The former left winger, who last played professionally with the Seattle Sounders in 2006, has signed with the Yakima Reds of the PDL. My guess is that he absolutely tears it up at that level and gets a late season call from a USL-1 squad in need.

It's a little late, but...

Match Musings - Game 3
  • Takayuki Suzuki's goal was one of the sickest strikes I've ever witnessed in person. Did I really read somewhere during the preseason that he was more of a set-up man? Rubbish.
  • Cups full of cash could take passing out of the game completely. Both goal scorers against Seattle were given a cup filled with cash that was collected throughout the Timbers Army. The cup went through the stands and when a goal was scored, the amount in the cup was earmarked for the player who bagged it. Now at this level, it's great for players to get extra dough anyway they can. But if you were leading a 2 v. 1 break and knew there was cash on the line, would you pass or shoot? If I'm the trailer making a back post run, I'd be yelling "I'll split it with you!"
  • Three games, 9 points, on pace for 90.

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Anonymous said...

I have heard much debate about this whole cup passing... my two cents: Its a great idea and I do not think this will really take any passing out of the game. How much do you think each got? 100 bucks? hmm.. If its a 2v1 and someone didnt make the correct play intentionally Gavin would rip em a new a**hole!!

I think our boys are smart out there on the pitch, and an assist is just as good as a goal for many!! Maybe give the assister to each goal 25%?.. But i think the goal scorers ethos and karma will take care of that for us.. Its a fun idea, I back it... and Taka's expression after receiving his cup of dough was priceless!!!