Friday, May 09, 2008

Hitting the Road

After a four-match homestand to begin the 2008 season, the Ax will officially hit the road on Saturday via an afternoon bus ride to Seattle. The roadies to the Emerald City are barely road trips at all, considering there isn't any significant down time to explore. The most exciting thing to ever happen on a Seattle road trip - outside of beating the Sounders - was the bus blowing a tire. This is a big early-season match for both sides and the Timbers will have a better grasp of how they truly stack up with their nemesis after this one.

Match Musings - Game 4
  • Rochester is decent once again. I think that 0-2-0 start, including a loss vs. Minnesota, distorted expectations of what kind of Rhinos' club would show up at PGE Park last night. They will be in the postseason mix when it's all said and done.
  • Taka Suzuki is not on holiday. He's a 30-something World Cup veteran playing thousands of miles from home in a country not known for his sport of choice, but unlike others who have fit that bill over the years, Suzuki goes all-out, all of the time. He is a joy to watch and will soon have a Portland Timbers bobblehead likeness.
  • 10 points from four matches. Portland's best start ever and the best has yet to come. Several players have yet to distinguish themselves and with the arrival of Oka and Totori on the way, their won't be any need for Gavin Wilkinson to stand pat and rest on the squad's early success. I can't wait to see this team after 15 games.

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