Saturday, May 31, 2008

Halfway Home

I have to admit I may have been a tad over-the-top with my "Six Points or Bust" post, but now it's not looking so far fetched. Not only was it the Timbers first win in seven matches, but it came against a team that player-for-player may be the league's best. At least the best Portland has seen thus far in the 2008 campaign.

We've just wrapped up the second DVD of our overnight bus ride from Montreal to Rochester and its absolutely pouring and pitch black at the moment. Good thing there is no traffic at 3:21 a.m. in the event that we hydroplane and turn this giant hunk of steel into a spinning top.

If the bus driver is telling the truth, we should be rolling up at the roach motel in Rochester within the next 90 minutes. Not sure if French-Canadian time is the same as the rest of North America, but that seems a little ambitious based on our prior Northeastern nocturnal coach rides over the years.

Match Musings - Game 10
  • 16 points from 10 matches is a pace for 48 and a nifty seeding in the USL-1 playoffs.
  • Chris Brown is quietly establishing himself as the club's most dependable goal scorer since Alan Gordon wore the Green and White (with neon yellow accents).
  • My computer is dying and this will have to be continued from the hell hole that is Rochester's team hotel later today.

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Finnegan said...

Andy - any word on Totori? Is the injury serious?