Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ax to the Tube

Let this post serve as a recap of Miami and a preview of Vancouver. Now that's a lazy blogger if I've ever read one.

Actually, since returning to the Northwest late Monday, I've spent the bulk of the week attempting to replace the hideous blue tile around my fireplace with slate. Ambitious for someone as unhandy as myself, but at least a decent excuse for avoiding the computer for a few days.

The PR/Miami roadie just had a weird vibe to it. The one-point, comeback draw against the Islanders felt like a win, while the one-point 0-0 affair versus Miami felt like one that got away. Still, to come away from what many believe to be the toughest road swing in the USL (I'd argue that Portland/Seattle/Vancouver is no picnic either) without a loss is a quality result.

On the other hand, the Miami draw is justifiably magnified when you consider that rival Vancouver comes to town on Saturday with Portland's seven-match unbeaten string in 2008 and 18-match home streak without a loss (regular season) on the line.

My gut says that after ample time to train this week (Wed.-Fri.) and a chance to play at home after three straight on the road, the Timbers will come out blazing in this Cascadia Cup fixture. It also says USL-1 meal money leaves it hungry and sad.

The fact that the Whitecaps play at home against Seattle the night before doesn't hurt either.

I'll be switching broadcast mediums for Saturday's affair, heading over to the television side to serve as the analyst alongside Brian Davis on FSN. John Strong and Aaron Heinzen will handle the webcast side of things, and I'll likely be able to join them for the postgame show.

Match Musings - Game 7
  • The weather at kickoff made Friday's match in P.R. feel like Portland in April.
  • Former FC Blue and current Timber Miguel Guante is a bit of a media star in South Florida.
  • Cameron Knowles and Justin Thompson, when in sync and on their respective games, can shut down any forwards in North America.
  • I didn't see any Timbers supporters in either Miami or Puerto Rico. What gives?
  • No offense to Timber Joey Webber, but the Miami FC Angels were a little easier on the eyes.
  • That said, the Angels made up about one-tenth of the crowd at Tropical Park.


Anonymous said...

I can't speak to why there were no Timbers fans in PR or Miami but I can tell you that I know there will be at least two in Cary/Atlanta at the end of June.

- Diane

Lucas said...

I didn't see any Timbers supporters in either Miami or Puerto Rico. What gives?

As soon as the Timbers pick up my airfare to San Juan I'm totally there. I don't have family in So Fla anymore, so there's really no impetus to go there anymore. And good riddance.

steeplechase3k said...

There will also be atleast one in Atlanta and Charleston in July.