Thursday, June 07, 2007

Road Trip #1

Here we go again. It's been too long between actual Portland Timbers road trips for the Ax to the Road, but I'm happy to report we're back up and running for 2007.

I left ATTR headquarters in Eugene this a.m. at 4:21 and made it to the United counter here at PDX by the required team check-in time of 6:20. That included a car drop off at an off-airport lot and shuttle ride, so not too shabby on the travel time front. I was lucky enough to have a partner in speed up I-5 this morning that happily led the way.

Lots of groggy faces here in the airport. Our party is 20 members: 17 players, Gavin, Nik Wald (athletic trainer) and myself. Our first leg is PDX to Washington D.C., so we bite off quite a big chunk right off the bat. Departure time is 7:50 a.m.

I'm thankful to be able to blog today as I nearly lost a digit last night playing coed softball. I moved in a bit from shortstop with a woman at the plate, which she clearly didn't appreciate, and she proceeded to smoke a screaming liner at me that caught a good portion of the thumb on my bare hand. After I promptly picked up the ball and fired it into a field beyond the first baseman, our pitcher/coach turns to be and says, "Are you going to be able to type tomorrow?" I don't think he is an ATTR subscriber, but it was exactly what I was thinking as I examined my numb and swollen paw.

Well, Nik just said he'd tell the pilots to wait for me, so I must conclude post No. 1 and head to the gate.

Until Dulles.

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