Friday, June 08, 2007

Of Montreal

It's hazy and warm here in Quebec's largest metropolis. As I type this, we are about seven hours and change away from kickoff against the Montreal Impact - the First Division's last unbeaten team. Facing the Impact on their home pitch is never an easy draw, but after California (of all teams) win against the mighty Vancouver Whitecaps last night, it serves as just another reminder that any team can achieve a quality result on any given night.

The team is currently out for a stretch and walk to shake off any jet lag. The 17 that are here are healthy and should be more than ready to go after an 11-day hiatus.Thankfully, the match will be played on grass at Claude-Robillard Sports Complex and not at Montreal's much more famous venue, Olympic Stadium, which makes the turf at PGE park look and feel like a lush Bermuda fairway.

I'll need to add more later as we have to be out of our hotel rooms in an hour, left to wander the city for the rest of the afternoon before heading to the match.

Photo credit to David Holden

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