Friday, June 08, 2007

People Watching on Saint Catherine Street

In a couple of hours the minivans will be headed to the stadium for pregame training, but for now I'm planted in a coffee shop on one of Montreal's famous thoroughfares. It doesn't appear that anyone in this city works for a living, outside of restaurant and cafe personnel.

The streets are nearly overflowing with tourists due to the upcoming F1 Grand Prix race on Sunday. I've seen more Ferrari's in the past 18 hours than the past 18 years. French-Canadians, in their longing to be actual Europeans, love their Formula One.

Plenty of interesting characters to watch on what has become a very warm afternoon.

The Timbers will be wearing their green kits tonight on global TV (Fox Soccer Channel) and yellow on Saturday in Rochester. If you're watching the broadcast on FSC, please give us a click on the audio side at

Portland will have a different 11 tonight than recent matches, but I don't want to give The Impact any advantages in preparation, so you'll have to try and decipher this clue:

Thunder rolls toward the West while lightning strikes south of Boston. Skiing and surfing happen in the heartland.

Cheers and good luck.

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Keith said...

"French-Canadians, in their longing to be actual Europeans, love their Formula One." Could it not just be that they like motor racing?