Thursday, December 22, 2005

Returning to the Rain

As odd as the people and overall lifestyle are down here in La La Land, it's hard to ignore the weather. Four days here - or any other warm and sunny place for that matter - and the return trip to Oregon can be kind of a downer. I guess we more than make up for it with humidity-free and bug-free summers.

Well, much to my disappointment, there were no real blog-worthy events today. I spent about two hours in a mall killing time before checking in at the airport and purchased a last-minute x-mas gift with some excess meal money. Travel and per diem in the Pac-10 are just a smidge better than the USL, as you can probably imagine.

Next week, the ATTR is off to Boulder, Colo., for a little skiing over New Year's. Until then, enjoy the Holiday weekend...

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