Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Silicone or Saline?

The ATTR has stood silent for too long, and since I'm back in travel mode and the Timbers have just signed their new coach/GM, what better time than now to get back on the blog?

Today's edition comes to you from warm and sunny Venice Beach, California, where quality people watching is off the charts. I'm down here with my other team - the Oregon Ducks - but the ATTR will never be about them. Even if I wanted too, I'm sure there would be some compliance issue, so best to avoid that altogether.

Anyway, I'll be on the road quite a bit from now until March, and will look to be a bit more prompt in updating this during the "hot stove" season.

Back to the beach... This is my first trip to the Governator's old stomping grounds and one of the first natives I saw along the boardwalk was a greased-up muscle dude in a stars and stripes speedo. He was just standing there posing with - I assume - the intention of impressing the many augmented ladies strolling by. There must be an abundance of people without traditional employment, because I was amazed by the amount of folks just hanging out on a Tuesday afternoon. I think the only people working in this town must be plastic surgeons. I went to high school in a beach town in Maine and my friends who worked down on the beach used to play a game called "babysitter or mother." Here in VB, that game has surely morphed into "silicone or saline."

Back in Portland, the Timbers announced the hiring of Chris Agnello as their new boss - a move that probably surprised a few of the locals. I figured out that I was out of the running when the press conference was called for a day that I was going to be out of town. That's probably for the best since the blog would have to get a lot blander if I was running the real show.

Well, I don't want to overdo it, this being the first post in ages. Got to save up some material for all that down time in the airport tomorrow.

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