Sunday, July 20, 2008

Heading Home

After a very disappointing effort in Charleston last night, the Timbers are headed home for what they hope will be a prosperous Thursday match on their home pitch against Carolina. One point from this past trip has really put the pressure on with the likes of Montreal and Rochester charging up the table in hot pursuit of a middle or better playoff spot.

It's hard to boil down the entire weekend to 90 seconds, but consider that the Ax Men were less than two minutes away from a shutout win and three points at Atlanta on Friday night but couldn't hold the fort. A win there and the trip would have been a solid success regardless of what happened the next night vs. the Battery.

The players held a meeting after last night's loss, evidently more than aware that it's up to them to turn things around. Patience from the coaching staff and front office is undoubtedly wearing thin, which will ultimately lead to major personnel changes - next year if not this - unless the current group responds.

Let's hope some home cookin' on Thirsty Thursday does the trick.


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