Friday, July 18, 2008

Back in the A-T-L

As I've eluded to before, if the USL first division was a movie, it would be Groundhog Day. How else can you explain consecutive road trips to the southeastern United States? If the flick is true to form, the Ax Men will lose the first game, travel overnight by bus to the next location and pull off an improbable victory tomorrow.

But wait, didn't the Timbers just beat Atlanta in Atlanta? Wouldn't it make more sense to assume victory tonight based on the Groundhog formula? Isn't Chris Bagley guaranteed to beat Matt Bobo for a goal? Maybe. Maybe not. It's a bit confusing, no?

One thing that differs from our last trip down here is the addition of Jamil Walker and a pair of new goalkeepers on the travel squad. And the absence of departed captain Andrew Gregor. Also, Tommy Poltl is back in the fold after his three-match banishment for a red card.

With added firepower possibly on the way, the key to this trip is to keep pace in the USL-1 table. A result tonight would assure that.

More later...



Cap Ap said...

Thanks for the update! We were all wondering what happened to you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Andy - Try to stay cool in that rock quarry tonight!