Friday, April 18, 2008

Spread the Love

Match Musings - Game 1

  • It was a fitting end to Timber Jim's reign as Portland's number one soccer ambassador - a home victory in the 2008 season opener at PGE Park. Jim's message to the crowd of nearly 11,000 following a halftime ceremony in his honor was fitting as well: Spread the love.
  • The new turf looked amazing and resulted in about 100 fewer throw-ins than in previous home games.
  • The video of PR's assistant (I assume) coach running onto the pitch and swiping the ball off the foot of Gregor was hilarious.
  • John Strong's on-air observation that Cameron Knowles and Tom Poltl resembled Dr. Evil and Mini Me with their freshly shaved domes.
  • You have to love team owner/president Merritt Paulson's passion. Neck wrapped in a Timbers scarf, pacing the sidelines, totally immersed in the action. After a gaggle of absentee senior execs in the past (either physically or mentally from a soccer standpoint), the sports gods have delivered the ultimate owner for Soccer City USA.
  • A near record listenership last night for a regular season home match audio broadcast. Thanks for tuning in! As always, you can find the free audio stream at
  • If you didn't hear it last night or are a Muse fan, check out our broadcast open.

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