Saturday, April 26, 2008

Early Season Drama

Ah yes, Portland v. Seattle. Always a grinding, physical, gut-wrenching battle, and one that may be coming to a close here in 2008. Will the fact that these two rivals will no longer be in the same league after this year make the final season's matches even more intense? Hard to say, but some things are certain: Andrew Gregor will get kicked, Hugo Alcaraz will get kicked and yellow cards will fly around like confetti.

Match Musings - Game 2
  • The Thunder did not commit a single foul in the second half. They are either the softest team in the history of soccer or the man with the whistle was dozing on and off.
  • Timber Joey needs a bit more practice cutting slabs off the victory log. Sean Higgins' slice was so thick he was struggling to get a handle on it.
  • Pilots love PGE Park. Newcomers Chris Brown and Miguel Guante are playing like they're at home or something.

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