Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ax to the O-Live

Big win in Minny on Saturday. With my 3-year-old daughter's first wedding flower girl role that day, I have nothing to offer on the match other than I'm happy they won in Blaine, which had been a miserable spot to play and broadcast from for Portland over the years.

For those who haven't heard the news, I'll be blogging over at oregonlive.com while Bob Kellett is away at the World Cup. That will be a much more active blog than the ATTR has been this season - with the "to the Road" part of this blog out of the equation and all - so please stop by often.

However, the ATTR is looking forward to its first roadie of 2006, this Friday in Seattle.

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guile said...

nice, cozy place you got here :)..