Thursday, May 04, 2006

and the final answer is...


Well, for the most part. That is, all home matches with a window to select road games remaining slightly ajar. And one more thing - internet only.

But seriously, there are NO complaints here. This result took an incredible effort by the PTPR Machine, USL PR Rookie of the Year candidate Timber Brad Nicholson and others. Well done everyone!

The question, of course, is will Portland Timbers matches be on "the air" in 2006. After an agonizing offseason of uncertainty, I couldn't be more jacked up about keeping the broadcasting torch aflame for another campaign.

Here is the direct link to the Timbers broadcast page at The page includes the current schedule of webcasts, including Coventry City on July 8. The Miami/PR swing is definitely out, but other matches on the road may be added.

Until tomorrow night... Cheers!

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