Thursday, January 10, 2008

Right Around The Corner

The arrival of 2008 has come and gone, and low and behold, we're already in double-digits in the month of January. That means that three months from now the Ax Men will be busy with final preparations for the '08 USL-1 campaign.

I've had the good fortune to glance a sneak peek at the upcoming schedule, and without divulging any specific details, it's outstanding from both a fan's perspective and competitive standpoint. We all know that the Timbers are always challenged when it comes to scheduling due to the fact that they share the pitch with the Portland Beavers (who have 50-plus more home dates to fill than the Boys in Green), but Gavin Wilkinson must have gone to the mat with more than one fellow GM to cobble this gem together. And remember, it was likely even more difficult considering the addition of two more regular season matches.

I don't know yet what frequency the Ax will hit the Road this year, but stay tuned.

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