Monday, October 22, 2007

Fall Cleaning

Since it's that time of year again - cleaning gutters, draining sprinkler systems, covering outside faucets, etc. - now is as good of a time as any to shutter the ATTR until Spring. The friendly between Toronto FC and the Timbers on Oct. 28 may be blog worthy, so this could end up being a prequel to the last post of the year. But in the event that it's not...

Life moved really fast this year, which I think explains the choppiness of the blog. Blogging, I have found, is all about routine. And if things get out of sync, it can be less than consistent. Next season, my goal is to bring more of a regular insider's take on things and add photos back into posts on a regular basis to help keep things interesting.

2007 wasn't the Timbers' year after all, but what a great bounce back season from '06. Good things are definitely in store for the future.

If you haven't grabbed your season tix for 2008, get them now and receive an autographed slice of the Victory Log. How great is that?

Until next year...

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