Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Timbers Seek Victory Times Three

Quite a finish the other night at PGE Park with the late game-winning goal and all. I'm really glad that I made a point of including "on paper" when referring to Miami as mediocre in the post just prior to kickoff. They are vertically challenged to be sure, but far from mediocre based on what we saw Saturday.

The Timbers and California Victory can thank USL1 dropout Virginia Beach for the wretched triumvirate they are about to embark on. Three straight matches between two sides that don't really like one another a whole lot to begin with is a recipe for mayhem come the second half of the third and final tilt. To make the last matchup even more fun is the fact that the same referee who whistled the U.S. Open Cup match between Portland and Seattle will be charged with keeping the peace.

We're off to NorCal Saturday morning at the crack of dawn and the ATTR hopes to take a stroll to The Haight for lunch and a trip to Amoeba Music. I'll look to avoid anything with mushrooms in order to make sure the broadcast is somewhat coherent. You can tune in at and make sure to click the listen button even if the graphic shows the next game up there instead of the one taking place that night (glitch in the coding).

Until the coffee flows at PDX, cheers.


E. Alley said...

Andy - if you have the chance, I would highly recommmend eating at Crepes on Cole. The address is 100 Carl St. (right off of Cole if I remember correctly) quite close to the Haight/Ashbury neighborhood. It's a dinner/savory crepe sort of place that I had the great fortune to dine at a couple of times while visiting my sister in SF. Have a safe trip!

Lucas said...

We'll be in San Fran from tomorrow morning. Hope to see you at Amoeba, Andy!

erin said...

Also right up the Haight where Cole comes into is this kinda of mediterrean place called Truly Med. The best falafel sandwich I have ever had. For real!